Welcome back to STEAM class!

  • STEAM Update! 

    Hello All Classes, Thank you for your patience!

    This site has been under construction, and we now have a fun working site and Google Classroom for each grade. Listed here are the correct Google Classrooms to "join the class." Everything is connected to the STEAM@quogueschool.com Google Classroom and email.
    If you have any questions please contact the STEAM Team at steam@quogueschool.com

    Google Classroom Codes to use are:

    • Grade 6      Code: mdsaaws
    • Grade 5      Code: dndj5tx
    • Grade 4      Code: vi5oenu
    • Grade 3      Code: fqgtja4
    • Grade 2      Code: kbmdjpv
    • Grade 1      Code: dy6sn7f
    • Grade K      Code: ex3xzeh
    • Grade PK    Code: n2hi6wj

    You may have previously accepted an invitation, but the original STEAM Google Classrooms have been removed, so you will receive a NEW invitation.

    Please join the NEW STEAM Google Classroom by accepting the invitation or by using the class codes listed above.

  • Hello, All Pre-K through Sixth Grade Students, 👋

    Welcome back to STEAM! These activities will be a little different from our in-school class, but we're sure you'll have lots of fun with these hands-on projects! Remember engineers often follow a design process.
    There are many different design processes that engineers use but each one includes the same basic steps​​:
    Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Improve

    Before beginning any of these design challenges and STEAM activities, please make sure you have your parent's permission. Many of the items you will need for these challenges you can find in your home. 
    Activities are listed by grade level, but please consider trying any of the activities that interest you, including the 30 Day LEGO Challenge

    Once a week choose one activity from the STEAM activity boards. Print out a STEAM Journal to jot down ideas, thoughts, and results. Take a photo of the journal page (if applicable to the project), and ask your parent/guardian to take a photo with you and your completed project. UPLOAD your photo, video or document directly to your STEAM Google Classroom Classwork section.

    The STEAM Team can be reached at steam@quogueschool.com if you have any questions. We wish you well and fun times with these activities! 🙂

30 Days of LEGO challenges!

K-2 STEAM Activities & Challenges

3-4 STEAM Activities & Challenges

5-6 STEAM Activities & Challenges

Rube Goldberg Machine Example