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    SING, DANCE, AND PLAY the tuneful, beatful, artful way!

    We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams...

    Welcome to the Quogue Elementary School music page. My name is Carolyn Doyle and I teach classroom music, chorus, band, lessons, the musical, Mus-Art, and anything music related at the Quogue School. 

    I hope this website is helpful in keeping you informed of our busy music schedule. Please feel free to e-mail me at cdoyle@quogueschool.com if you ever have any questions or concerns.


    The characteristics of a good musician can be summarized as follows: A well-trained ear, A well-trained intelligence, A well-trained heart, A well-trained hand. -Zoltan Kodály

     Mission Statement:  Quogue Elementary School strives to create children that will be lifelong music participants. Lessons are formed around the notion that each person should be "Tuneful, Beatful, and Artful." A tuneful person will be able to sing a lullaby to their child, and sing at community and ceremonial functions. A beatful person will be able to dance on the beat, clap their hands in time with others, and march in step in a parade. An artful person will seek meaningful musical experiences through participation and listening.

    Primary grades will strengthen their tonal and rhythmic skills through simple songs, circle games, simple beat accompaniments, expressive movements and folk dances. Students will echo, decode, and create music patterns using solfege and rhythm syllables. Students must be able to hear the music in their heads before we begin literacy. We should read music in the same way that an educated adult will read a book: in silence, but imagining the sound.-Kodaly After reading tonal and rhythmic pattern students will learn the traditional staff and note names.

    4th-6th Grade classroom music studies include choral study, dance, guitar, classroom instruments, music technology, music history, theory and literacy. Students will learn to be literate in the treble and bass clef. Students should be fluent in the tonal and rhythmic sequence by the conclusion of their elementary music study. (See tonal and rhythmic sequence). 

    All students are highly encouraged to participate in our instrumental program. Learning an instrument and performing in band can foster a great sense of community and accomplishment. We deeply value every musician in our band! Lessons occur before and after school, and our band rehearses every Thursday morning. Dedicated singers should join our Chamber Choir that meets every Tuesday morning.  (BAND AND CHAMBER CHOIR ARE TEMPORARILY CANCELLED FOR 2020.  SMALL INSTRUMENTAL LESSONS WILL CONTINUE)



    As always, let's remember our concert etiquette! 

    Here's one of our favorite selections to sing along to before the concert:

    The Concert Etiquette Rap

    By Janet Gardner

    1. When you go to a concert or go to a show, there are just a few things you ought to know,

    People have come from far and near to a performance they want to see and hear.

    Therefore, let us demonstrate some concert etiquette to imitate.

    The concert etiquette rap. The concert etiquette rap.

    A code of behavior and courtesy, socially proper for you and me!

    2. Rule number one: please stay in your chair so that people can see from everywhere.

    Rule number two: If your must go, then wait till the song is done. you know.

    When you're ready to return just listen for applause, now live and learn!

    The concert etiquette rap. The concert etiquette rap.

    A code of behavior and courtesy, socially proper for you and me!

    3. When the concert starts keep your lips closed tight. And don't be late, it is not polite.

    Leave your cell phones in your cars. Let those on stage be the stars.

    Babies sometimes scream and shout, so please feel free just to take them out.

    The concert etiquette rap. The concert etiquette rap.

    A code of behavior and courtesy, socially proper for you and me!

    4. Drinks and snacks do not import to a concert hall. (This is not a sport!)

    Please sit tight till the concert's done. Applause means "thanks to everyone!"

    Now that you are in the know, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

    The concert etiquette rap. The concert etiquette rap.

    A code of behavior and courtesy, socially proper for you and me!

    The concert etiquette rap. The concert etiquette rap. Yo!


    Please make sure you arrive at band by 7:25am. We have very little rehearsal time and every minute counts. Students need their instrument, instrument accessories, music folder and pencil!


    Students MUST attend their lessons and band.

    Students must attend 75% of their lessons & rehearsals in order to perform with the band in the concert.

    Practice the musical goals we set in lessons and perform the sticker tests for your parents.


    The 4th-6th Grade Concert Dress Code is the following:


    Dressy white shirt, black pants or skirt, (please keep the skirts knee length or longer) black shoes (no big heels)


    Collared white shirt (tucked in), tie, black pants, black shoes

    Chamber Choir: Same with an optional "splash of red"

    Band: Same with an optional "splash of silver and/or gold"



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