Current Projects in the Art Room

  • PRE-K: Monday and Friday



    KINDERGARTEN: Thursday and Friday



    1st GRADE: Tuesday and Wednesday



    2nd GRADE: Thursday and Friday 


    3rd GRADE: Wednesday and Thursday


    4th GRADE: Monday


    5th GRADE: Monday 

    Students are working on acrylic paintings of Beta fish.



    6th GRADE: Thursday

    Students are creating beautiful 9' x 12' acrylic paintings of clown fish. They are leaning how to blend colors using the wet or wet brush technique.


    MUSART (4th-6th): Tuesday 

    Musart is starting at the beginning of the time line. We are studying about the music and art of the Renaissance. We are studying Leonardo daVinci in depth. Each student has been asked to step into art history and are creating a personalized MONA LISA portrait.