Welcome to the Library

  • WELCOME BACK 2022-2023! 

    Library and STEM classes will once again be held in the library this year! All of the books have been brought back to the library for you to peruse.  I'm sure that you will have a great time reading, researching, and participating in many fun projects and activities during both         library-media and STEM classes!


    Library Schedule: 

    PRE K  MONDAY 11:20-12:00


    1ST GRADE  WEDNESDAY 9:50-10:30

    2ND GRADE  TUESDAY 12:50-1:30

    3RD GRADE  TUESDAY 9:50-10:30

    4TH GRADE   TUESDAY 10:35-11:15

    5TH GRADE FRIDAY 2:20-3:00

    6TH GRADE   THURSDAY 2:20-3:00