Current Projects in the Art Room

  • PRE-K: Monday and Friday

    Currently students are working on a special picture of a child trying to catch a snowflake on their tongue.

    KINDERGARTEN: Wednesday and Thursday

    Students are learning about Georgia O'Keeffe. They are working on three different images inspired by O'Keeffe's work. Project one, a small drawing featuring a floating skull in the desert is finshed.

    1st GRADE: Thursday and Friday

    We are learning about the difference betwwn permanent makers and washable markers when used with water. The permanent Sharpie marker doesn’t move when you brush water over it. 

    Crayola washable markers give a watercolor paint effect because the color bleeds out and stains the paper. 


    2nd GRADE: Thursday and Friday 

    Students created a  8" x 10" canvas painting of a snowmen for the holidays.


    3rd GRADE: Friday

    Happy New Year! We are currently finishing our artistic count down to the new year New Year.


    4th GRADE: Monday

     We are working with cartooning and facial expressions. Students just started a three day lesson that will feature the same face with four different facial expressions.

    5th GRADE: Monday 

     We are working on a small canvas with acrylics creating a cat facial study. The students are learning techniques and vocabulary to prepare them for their larger bird study canvas.


    6th GRADE: Thursday

    The students are learning how to create a Graffiti Brick Wall. This three week project will use mixed media to get the desired graffiti effect. 

    MUSART (4th-6th): Tuesday 

    Musart classes are exploring music and art from cultures around the world. Currently we are learning about Africa. The Musart students will be making symmetrical masks in the style of several African Masks that are on dispaly in the art room.