• supplies

    Fourth Grade Supply List

    Please remember to bring these items in on the first day of school.

    In School Supply List

    5 Compositions notebooks (wide ruled)

    4 Pocket Folders with bottom pockets

    1 Box No. 2 pencils (sharpened)

    1 Eraser

    2 Highlighters

    1 Small box of crayons (24 pack)

    1 Package of colored pencils

    1 Personal hand sanitizer

    1 Pair of scissors (intermediate)

    1 Supply box that fits into the desk

    1 Package of dry erase markers

    1 Dry erase eraser

    1 Black Sharpie

    1 Pair of earbuds/headphones (to be kept in the classroom)

    1 Package of 3 x 3 post-its

    2 Pens

    4 Elmer Glue sticks

    Wish List

    2 Boxes of tissues

    1 Package of baby wipes

    Plastic storage bags (gallon, sandwich or snack size)

    At Home List

    1 Box No. 2 pencils

    1 Protractor

    1 Ruler (ruler must have cm and inches)


    Special Areas

    (Please see the special area website for more information.)


    2 headset/earbuds

    1 pencil

    1 pocketfolder


    1 headset/earbuds

    1 package of pencils

    1 pocketfolder

    1 plastic cup

    1 beach towel or yoga mat (for music class outdoors)