• Read picture books, chapter books, non-fiction books and watch related educational video on Mrs. Hine's Epic! Books.


    What is Epic! Books?


    Here's how: 

    Log in to ClassLink and look for the Epic! Library icon in the Library folder.  It looks like this: 

    Or you can go to Mrs. Hine's Epic! Books page at https://www.getepic.com/classroom/gre9842/mrs-hine


    Mrs. Hine's epic page

    Click on STUDENTS

    student code

    Enter the student code gre9842


    Click on your name and search for books to read! (FYI: F&P is enabled)

    *if you do not see your name, please email me (dhine@quogueschool.com) and I will add your profile.  You may use "Guest" until then.


    For further clarification: 

    Laptop login:

    laptop login

    IOS/Android login: 

    ios/android login


    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions about Epic! by emailing me at dhine@quogueschool.com