Back to School Supply List

  • --Clearly labeled school supplies (first initial and last name in black Sharpie marker) to purchase/gather for your 2nd grader to bring to SCHOOL on September 1st are:

    • 1 LABELED Home/School bag or backpack (non- “luggage” style/roller bag)
    • 1 LABELED standard size yoga mat or beach towel (for outside/floor learning spaces)
    • 1 LABELED pair of narrow-jack, “over the ear” wired headphones (compatible for use with school-issued iPad)
    • * 1 LABELED  personal-sized flashlight with appropriate batteries
    • * 1  LABELED standard-sized package of facial tissues
    • 1 LABELED  personal food (container, bag, box) containing daily Morning snack item and drink
    • 1 LABELED personal food (container, bag, box) containing daily lunch items and drink
    • 3x5 index cards, white unlined (100 pack)
    • 1 full deck of standard sized playing cards
    • 1 box of quart-sized Ziplock bags
    • 1 box of gallon-sized Ziplock bags

    *Please dress your child in what you consider appropriate for the days weather as we plan to spend a reasonable amount of time outside when possible.  Including but not limited to general outerwear  (ie: hat for sun, hood for unexpected drizzling, sweater)