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    Welcome to the Quogue Elementary School Instrumental Program!

    Meet Mrs. Doyle your band teacher!


    Band Google Classroom Code: gtd4667


    7:30-8:10: IN SCHOOL LESSON IN GYM

    3:00-3:30PM: LESSON IN GYM

    3:30-4:00 PM: LESSON IN GYM (You can stay from 3:00- bring a snack and do your homework quietly).

    Each week your HW is to practice your assigned selections in your Essential Elements book, band music and any other choice/supplementary music.

     When playing your songs check for the following before moving on:

    1. Correct notes
    2. Correct rhythms
    3. Steady beat at an appropriate tempo
    4. Correct technique: Good posture, articulation, hand position, and air support. 
    • You can find lots of choice music, video tutorials and more on the Band Google Classroom.  
    • Create an account on   There is no single sign on.  Write down your username & password and keep it somewhere you can find it. When prompted use the code on the first page in your book.  
    • My class code is QUOGUEELEMBAND. 
    • There is also an Essential Elements app you can download!
    • You will need Essential Elements Interactive Book 1, your instrument, a pencil, and instrument accessories for lessons.  The school is providing a band mask, a band folder and band music. 

    Band students: please highlight your lesson times.  You are responsible for making up missed work and telling your teacher if you have an in-school lesson.  If you cannot make it to your lesson PLEASE let me know beforehand!!!  You can tell me in school, send me an email at or send a message through Remind.  If it’s early enough notice we can try and reschedule the lesson.



    Annie Jr: In-School Performance for students & staff March 23rd

    Annie Jr: Evening Performance March 24th 6:30pm

    SCMEA: March 5th 9-1, March 11th 3:30-6:30, March 12th 9-12

    Piano NYSSMA: March 14th

    Vocal Instrumental NYSSMA: April 11th

    Chamber Choir Concert: Wednesday May 11th

    Band Concert: Tuesday May 17th* 5pm (outdoors weather permitting)

    HMEA Saturday June 4th

    Join the Quogue School Band Class on Remind! 

    Send a text to 81010 

    Text this message: @quogues


    Instrument Accessories:

    Flute: Cleaning rod & cloth

    Clarinet: A box of ‘2’ reeds, cork grease, cleaning swab

    Alto Saxophone: A box of ‘2’ reeds, cork grease, cleaning swab

    Trumpet: Valve oil, a mouthpiece & mouthpiece brush, a soft cloth

    Trombone: Slide grease, spray bottle, a mouthpiece & mouthpiece brush, a soft cloth

    Baritone/Euphonium: Valve oil, a mouthpiece & mouthpiece brush, a soft cloth

    Percussion: Snare drum pad, 2B or 2S sticks, Snare drum pad stand, Bell kit.  Purchase an entire ‘drum kit.’  Pick a case that is easy to roll around!

    A few local Music Stores: (Call first to check availability!)

    Music & Arts: Main Street Riverhead (631) 727-2897

    Family Melody 11 S. Ocean Ave. Patchogue 475-3210

    Jimmy Osborne Music 377 Main Street Center Moriches 874-7441

    Hampton Music & Arts 98 W Mtk Hwy Hampton Bays 728-3535

    Eastport Music Scene  Montauk Highway Eastport 631-325-6972

    Music Village Shoppe 1495 Montauk Hwy Mastic 631 874-8425

    Tips for Students:

    How to Practice

    • Break down challenging songs into small sections
    • Practice the small sections slowly and repeat, repeat, repeat!
    • Once you can play that section at least 5 times without making a mistake, move on to the next section.
    • Put sections together and gradually increase the tempo until you are at “performance tempo” and ready to perform the full song.
    • Practicing for shorter periods daily or several times a week is always better than "cramming."  Aim to practice for 20+ minutes 3 or more times a week.

     Tips for Parents:

    • Be involved!  Ask your child what they are practicing that week and to hear one of the songs.
    • Make sure they have a quiet, comfortable place to practice without distractions.  They will need a straight back chair and a music stand.
    • Make sure their instrument is at home as much as possible.
    • Help your child incorporate practice into his or her daily routine.
    • Remind your child that they are part of a team; the other band members are counting on them to sound as good as they can.


    Please purchase ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS INTERACTIVE Book 1 for your respective instrument.  You can purchase it online or order it through your local music store.

    Essential Elements Book 1

    Are you going into 4th grade and haven't yet chosen your instrument?  Please watch the following video and then complete the 4TH GRADE INSTRUMENTAL FORMYou can select from the following:



    Alto Sax




    Percussion (Mallet Percussion, Snare & Aux)

    (Oboe, French Horn by special request only- they are difficult to start with!)

    Be Part of the Band instrument videos

    United States Army Band Instrument Demonstration



    Each week the students will have an assigned playing test.  Ask your child to play it for you at home.


    Starting Tuesday, October 5th at 7:30 AM!  Please make sure you arrive at band by 7:30am.  We have very little rehearsal time and every minute counts.  Students need their instrument, instrument accessories and music folder. 




    It is imperative that every student attends their concert. If you have any questions please e-mail me at
    Dress code 4th-6th: white dressy tops, black bottoms.  PK-3rd: Dress nice!

    Parents, if you are interested in videotaping any of our performances please let me know! 


    Concert Dress


    Dressy White Shirt

    Black Pants or skirt

    (knee length or longer)

    Black Shoes (no big heels)


    Collared White Shirt (tucked in)

    Ties are encouraged!

    Black Pants & Black Shoes

    Chamber Choir & Band

    Same white top & black bottoms but with an optional splash of red for Chamber Choir and gold or silver for band.

     Don't know what group you're in?  E-mail me at or ask your classroom teacher to see the group list!



    “Pep Band”- play at Field Day. Open to all band members.

    “Graduation Band”- selected ensemble to play “Pomp and Circumstance” for 6th Grade Graduation


    Thank you for being a part of Quogue Elementary’s music program!


    There will be one group that moves time slots weekly. Each group will bump to the next time slot for the following two months.

    Please bring your instrument, instrument accessories, & Essential Elements Interactive Book to lessons.


    Check out these fun tunes!


    Parents, please read this article about how to guide your child's practice. It's about setting goals, not the timer! We want students to be creating a daily musical goal, and practicing to achieve that. It will be a much more rewarding and enriching experience.

    For example, if one page is assigned, focus on 3 small selections for one day, and make it through those 3 sections without a mistake. Next day, next 3 sections, etc. Students can also set goals to do with dynamics, tone, breathing, and other musical elements we learn about in lessons.

    This article discusses a parent's key role in your child's instrumental success. Another great article from NPR can be found here.A helpful blog post about helping your children practice: here



    How to Practice

    Sample 30 minute practice session


    (Shoulders down, bellies out) (~1 minute)


    8+8 Listen to your sound. Get a clear, supported tone! (~1 minutes)

    BUZZING/LIP SLURS (Brass only)

    Buzz on the mouthpiece- Long tones, Sirens, Songs (~1 minute)

    Lip slurs- start low, play up a chromatic scale. See green pages in St. of Exc.(~1 minute)


    Selected scale or technique exercise (~2 minutes)

    Essential Elements Book 1

    Practice the assigned page, especially the playing test*(~15 minutes)

    *Play along with the CD


    (~7 minutes)


    Play something you love! (~4 minutes)




    • Set a regular time to practice
    • Find a quiet, distraction free room
      • Supply a sturdy chair, music stand, and light.
    • Become involved in what your child is doing
      • Listen to what they are playing, ask for an explanation of what they did that day.
      • Make sure they practicing and achieving their "sticker tests"
    • Encourage your child to always do their best and praise work well done
    • Help to foster a musical environment at home
    • Help your child persevere Sincerely,

    Mrs. Carolyn Doyle

    Please bring your instrument, instrument accessories, & Standard of Excellence Book to your first lesson.


    Beginning Instrumentalists

    Quarter 1 & 2 Goals

    1. Demonstrate correct instrument assembly. 
    2. Demonstrate correct instrument position. 
    3. Demonstrate playing with tall posture. 
    4. Produce a good steady sound for 4 beats. 
    5. Say "too" when starting notes. 
    6. Learn to play 6 notes on your instrument. 
    7. Demonstrate understanding of whole,half, and quarter notes and rests. 
    8. Clap rhythms to a given tempo. 
    9. Play songs with a steady beat. 
    10. Read music without writing in names of the notes. 
    11. Complete lesson book pages 6-8, Scale Prep Warm Up, pages 9-12, 4th Grade Band Pieces & Winter Concert Piece

    Instrumental Summer Instruction 

    Parents, please read this article about the importance of parental support of instrumental practice.  Here is another great article from NPR.

     It is extremely important that instrumentalists KEEP PRACTICING over the break.  If students ignore their instrument over the summer, we will take a giant step backwards in our instrumental program.  Please establish a practicing routine within your household. 

    Summer is a wonderful time to play choice music.  Your local music store, and all offer fun instrumental books.  Just make sure it’s rated “Easy” or “Very Easy.”  

    Try these fun books out!


    Private Lessons & Music Camps

    Private lessons are extremely beneficial. Summer is the perfect time to start! Please consider either a weekly or bi-weekly lesson for your child. You’ll hear the improvement almost immediately. There are also many wonderful local music & theater camps to try out this summer. Please see the attached sheet for private teachers, camps, and more.

    Thank you for being a part of the Quogue Elementary School instrumental program. You are TREASURED!!!We are a very small school and we count on every musician to persevere.

    Parents, please support your child by encouraging practicing, lessons, music events, and letting them choose fun music. There will be times when it is difficult, but it is a life long attribute to stick with a project, and reap the benefits of hard work. “Grit” & “Perseverance” are common qualities of musicians-it is no wonder there are so many studies linking high achievement and instrumental study! I need your help and support.


    Did you fulfill your requirements for Instrumental Study this year?

    • First Year
      • Attend all school music lessons
      • Participate in Beginning Band/ Spring Concert
      • Achieve pitch/rhythmic accuracy
      • Maintain a controlled, pleasant tone
      • Demonstrate correct embouchure, fingerings, posture, breath support
      • Perform “Memory Tunes” and Sight-Reading
      • Practice 100 minutes or more a week
      • Perform Concert Bb Scale
      • Finished at least 20 pages of Standard of Excellence Enhanced Book 1
      • Perform Solo Work, Duets, Beginning Band
    • Second Year
      • Attend all school music lessons 
      • Attend all band rehearsals and concerts
      • Achieve pitch/rhythmic accuracy
      • Maintain a controlled, pleasant tone
      • Demonstrate correct embouchure, fingerings, posture, breath support
      • Perform “Memory Tunes” and Sight-Reading
      • Practice 100 minutes or more a week
      • Perform Concert Bb, Eb, F Scale
      • Finished Standard of Excellence Book 1 and finished at least 10 pages of Standard of Excellence Enhanced Book 2
      • Duets, Solo Work, Chamber Groups, Band, NYSSMA Level I or II solo
    • Third Year
      • Attend all music lessons
      • Attend all band rehearsals and concerts
      • Achieve pitch/rhythmic accuracy
      • Maintain a pleasant tone
      • Demonstrate correct embouchure, fingerings, posture, breath support
      • Perform “Memory Tunes” and Sight-Reading
      • Practice 100 minutes or more a week
      • Perform Concert Bb, Eb, F scale, choose 4 other scales appropriate to the instrument.
      • Finished Standard of Excellence Book 2
      • Perform Duets, Solo Work, Chamber Groups, Band, NYSSMA Level II or III
    For the complete Summer Private Lesson List please e-mail me at 

    Local Music & Theater Day Camps

     Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center

    East End Arts Council Renaissance Camp

    Backyard Theater East Moriches

    USDAN Center for the Creative and Performing Arts

    Quogue Jr. Theater Troupe

    Summer JAMM Sessions: 
    Sleep Away Camps:
    Ithaca College Music Summer Camp

    Southampton Cultural Center: Peconic Youth Orchestra

    Metropolitan Youth Orchestra & Children's Choir

    East End Arts Council

    Please ask Mrs. Doyle for the PRIVATE LESSON TEACHERS list 


    East End Arts Council: Riverhead (631) 727-0900

    *Offer group classes as well

    Family Melody-11 S. Ocean Ave. Patchogue 475-3210

    Music & Arts: Main Street Riverhead

    Jimmy Osborne Music:  
    377 Main St #4, Center Moriches  Phone(631) 874-7441

    Michael Farkas & Lauren P Come to your house:

    Gene Lamendola



    Southampton Cultural Center: Peconic Youth Orchestra

    Metropolitan Youth Orchestra

    Metropolitan Suffolk Children’s Choir

    East End Arts Council

    Brookhaven Art and Music