Homework Assignments
  • Reading together is the most important thing!

    Homework should not take away from the time you spend together as a family. For that reason, the most important homework your child has is to just spend time reading together with you each night!  I will also do my very best to limit other homework assignments to a very short activity for math and word practice. Homework is simply a way to reinforce skills that have already been taught during class as well as help your child follow a routine and learn to have small responsibilities. Below is some more detail about each type of homework...

    Reading Together: Again--this is the most important thing. If you have a really busy evening and do not have time to do other homework--squeeze in time for this. Every single night. Reading together is a great way to spend some intentional screen-free time together. Please know that this can look different on different days. You can have your child read to you from their "just right" books in their black book bag if they are interested in doing so. However, if you read aloud to them from a chapter book or more challenging book that interests them, this counts as homework too! The idea is to instill a love of reading in children-- and in my experience the best way to do that is to take the pressure off and let them enjoy reading in any way that works for them. When they are ready to read to you, they'll want to. Reading to them is a great way to help them access really amazing books, model good reading habits, and have meaningful discussions together. This time should be something you both look forward to each night.  In the words of one of my favorite children's book authors, Mem Fox, "But what could be more important than our children's literacy and the loving interactions that occur during a read-aloud session? Is feeling too tired a valid excuse? Surely not. The price of not reading aloud is too high." 

    Students will have a simple reading log each month--They will color in an object for each reading session. Keep this in their folder/on the refrigerator/next to their bed/wherever it is convenient for you. Hand it in at the end of the month. Easy peasy.  

    Read Together!

    Spelling Homework will be in the form of a choice menu. Students should do 3 activities each week. The activities are quick and fun. They will recieve a new word list each week as well as a new menu of choices. The menu is a Tic Tac Toe board. Children will need to complete three activities (and cross them out on the menu) to get Tic Tac Toe. The three completed practice pages will be due by Friday. Easy Peasy. This gives you the flexibility to complete the 3 activities on whichever days are convenient for you-- I know you have busy schedules!

     * We do not have a weekly spelling test because we use Wilson Fundations. Instead, students will have a skill assessment every few weeks (once we master a particular skill).


    Math Homework will not always be assigned! When it is, it will be to complete the homework practice page (one page front/back) from our lesson during school that day. It will be sent home in folders. You may not see this come home every night! If I feel that students need more guided instruction and practice with a skill, I will not send them home to do independent practice! You should not need to give assistance during math homework (other than perhaps to read word problems aloud). If your child is unable to complete the activity, you can provide help but please let me know if they struggled to complete it indpendently (by jotting down a quick note on the page) so that I can reinforce skills with them in school. 


    As always, if you have any questions about homework please feel free to ask! Happy reading!