Current Projects in the Art Room

  • PRE-K: Monday and Friday

    Pre K kids were introduced to Harold and his Purple Crayon last week. They were asked to create and imaginary picture that tells a story, just like Harold did. 

    This week they are learning about lines and the descriptive words to describe them. Example: long, wavy, broken, curved, loopy etc.


    KINDERGARTEN: Thursday and Friday

    Children are working on Great Horned Owls. They drew them out on paper, oil pasteled the details and will be painting the background with water color paint tomorrow.


    1st GRADE: Tuesday and Wednesday

     I'm collaborating with Mrs. Hine to tie the Library Media and the Art curriculum together for this month.  Children are working on a self portait of them as if they were Johnny Appleseed. Their Johnny Appleseed Self Portrait will be balancing a pot and apples on their heads when complete.


    2nd GRADE: Thursday and Friday 

     Students are working on a picture of themselves as Superheroes!

    3rd GRADE: Wednesday and Thursday

     I'm collaborating with Mrs. Hine to tie the Library Media and the Art curriculum together for this month. Currently the students are working on creating illustrations of the sea animal that they are researching in Library.

    4th GRADE: Monday

     Students are learning how to Bubble Letter. They will be creating their name as a wall plaque to be hung up.

    5th GRADE: Monday 

    It's that time of year, we are creating Our Big Hands, Big Feet projects. A cartoon that begins with tracing your hands and feet. It introduces the concept of Foreshortening, where things that are close in the picture fram appear to be larger.



    6th GRADE: Thursday

    Students just completed a Whimsical Zentangle Selfie. We will be making a larger Zentangle using the concept of postive and negative space. 


    MUSART (4th-6th): Tuesday 

    Musart is starting at the beginning of the time line. We are studying about the music and art of the Middle Ages. We've discussed the difference in society in the Early, Late and High Middle Ages. They have a good understanding of how a child's life would have been during this time period.  Each student is making a personalized Coat of Arms that represents themself or their family in the art portion of the class.